Liberal vs. liberal: The death throes begin

Napoleon Bonaparte is quoted as having said, "When the enemy is making false movement, we must take good care not to interrupt him."  Wise words on the battlefield in 1805, and worthy advice for Republicans and all conservatives circa 2017.   Given the Democrats' stunning and abject failure to seat their notorious anointed nominee last November, followed by a series of congressional election losses, despite spending staggering sums of election campaign cash, the fact is, the Democrats are disassembling, in total and utter disarray.  While liberals in this country disassemble into numerous competing factions, feckless party Democrats are now wandering, leaderless, in the wilderness.  The heart of the Democratic Party is at stake. In a recently published essay entitled "The Liberal Crackup," Mark Lilla surmises, "It's time to admit that American Liberalism is in deep crisis; a crisis of imagination and ambition on our side,...(Read Full Post)