What were people expecting?

The "meeting" finally came, proving that some people are just plain silly.  Was everyone expecting President Trump and Mr. Putin to stare at each other like a couple of heavyweight boxers?  According to Mark Hodge, it was Mr. Trump winning on points...or sort of:  Body language expert Judi James claims the US President "nailed" the historic handshake with the Russian leader and proved his superior status with a double-handed fist-pump at the event in Germany.  While speaking with The Sun Online, she said: "If this shake were a prize fight, and it nearly was, I would have awarded a points victory to Trump." She added: "The gap was a sure sign of the pressure felt by both men at that moment but as Putin raised an almost wary-looking hand for the shake Trump leaned forward with an outstretched arm and offered his hand palm-up. "This is an infamous power-trap and Putin had no option but to put his...(Read Full Post)