Schumer is playing to win, so why aren't we?

We have a majority in the U.S. Senate but act as though the other guys are in charge.  Yes, I understand tradition and playing by the rules.  However, there are limits, especially when the other side is slowing up governing. Senator Schumer is winning.  His blockade is working just fine, as the Wall Street Journal writes: The Trump Presidency is well into its seventh month but the Trump Administration still barely exists.  Senate Democrats are abusing Senate rules to undermine the executive branch, and Republicans need to restore normal order. President Trump got an inexcusably slow start making nominations, but in the past few weeks he's been catching up to his predecessors. According to the Partnership for Public Service, as of June 28 Mr. Trump had nominated 178 appointees but the Senate had confirmed only 46. Barack Obama had 183 nominees confirmed by that date in his first term, and George W. Bush 130. The White House has...(Read Full Post)