Phony Democrats, phony polls

  This morning, I was treated to an article by the AP entitled "Dems strive to tell voters what their party stands for." Democrats can't afford to publicly state what they are for because the majority of the public wouldn't like it.  Their policies could easily be summarized as follows: Democrats believe that more money, power, and freedom should be transferred from the people to the government.  This is exactly the opposite of what the country was founded on.  Democrats have no problem making a greater share of people dependent on government instead of giving them more freedom to move up the economic ladder. This weekend ABC and the Washington Post were pushing as a news story their poll of around 1,000 people that showed Trump's approval rating dropping to 36%.  It is very easy to get the results you want if you skew a poll. ABC and the WaPo dislike Trump intensely, so they poll only 26% of their...(Read Full Post)