Medi-Cuba, here we come!

Allysia Finley wrote an article for the Wall Street Journal where she detailed the fallout in California from the explosion of Medicaid costs.  Medi-Cal enrollment now boasts 14 million: Obamacare encouraged states to expand Medicaid so that it covers people with incomes up to 138% of the federal poverty line – in other words, up to $16,400 for an individual. After the Supreme Court struck down ObamaCare's mandated expansion, the federal government induced states to sign up by initially assuming 100% of the cost for these people. That will slip to 90% in 2020, though it's still a bargain for most states. But wait... Last week a group of Medi-Cal beneficiaries sued the state for creating "a separate and unequal system of healthcare, one for the insurance program with the largest proportion of Latinos (Medi-Cal), and one for the other principal insurance plans, whose recipients are disproportionately white." Ms. Finley describes a...(Read Full Post)