Dallas and the latest insanity of removing Confederate symbols

About 20 years ago, I met a man in Dallas who had a huge collection of Confederate symbols in his home office.  We became great friends and often see each other socially with our spouses.  On several occasions, we discussed the Civil War.  His great ancestors had fought in the war, and it was a topic of huge interest to him. Let's add Dallas to the list of places where activists want to erase history by taking down statues or references to the old South. The Dallas Morning News has a story about the intense situation:  Both sides grabbed their modern-day bayonets – social media – and dug in. One camp, led by a growing cadre of social justice activists, wants to see all symbols of the Confederacy wiped away or hauled off to a museum. The other camp, including organized groups such as the Sons of Confederate Veterans, doesn't want the city to touch any of the tributes. They say the old monuments and school names should be left in...(Read Full Post)