Confidence in Americans' personal financial situation hits 4-year high

Donald Trump's approval rating is at a new low, the media are in full feeding frenzy mode over the latest Russian collusion revelations, Republicans are squabbling among themselves over Obamacare repeal, the White House staff leaks like a sieve, and the "resistance" to "the Trump regime" is getting even more hysterical. But all this churning, churning, churning by the media and the Democratic opposition has had near zero effect on ordinary Americans and how they view their personal financial situations. Consider some numbers via the Washington Times: Meanwhile, economic indicators released in the last four weeks remain positive. The Dow Jones Industrial Average recorded its 23rd all-time high of 2017 last week; since the Nov. 8 election, it has reached record highs 40 times, says a close analysis by Gateway Pundit. The market is up 9 percent since Mr. Trump's inauguration, and 17 percent since the election. There's more. A Pew...(Read Full Post)