Climate change? Will there be any Europeans around to check the predictions?

Over the last two weeks, we've been talking a lot about climate change – i.e., President Trump pulling out of the Paris Accords. We're even hearing that President Macron is going to lead the way and carry the accords forward. I don't know whether Mr. Macron will be successful. Time will tell, but huge youth unemployment in France and divisions over reforming an overtaxed economy may interfere with his plans. We've also heard about Europe's childless leaders, or the amazing story of a continent where no one has children.  It started with a post from the middle of May titled "Emmanuel Macron and the barren elite of a changing continent." Who would have believed this 25 years ago? Let me be clear and say some people choose not to have children, and others can't.  I understand that.  However, I am talking about a continental case of demographic suicide.  Sooner or later, babies...(Read Full Post)