Trump looks beyond health care to immigration agenda

The news is full of reports of the imminent demise of the GOP health care reform bill in the Senate.  Don't believe it.  The president has yet to apply the screws to reluctant GOP senators.  And Mitch McConnell may have a trick or two up his sleeve, so don't bet against some form of health care reform being passed in the upper chamber in the next few days. President Trump and the GOP Congress are already looking beyond health care reform to enact several pieces of the president's immigration agenda.  Two important pieces of legislation will be voted on by the House before the July 4 recess that would fulfill campaign promises made by candidate Trump. CNN: The bills, "Kate's Law" and the No Sanctuary for Criminals Act, would install harsher penalties for repeat illegal entry to the US, and expand US law on sanctuary cities to pressure localities to cooperate with federal immigration enforcement. But...(Read Full Post)