Theresa May's dilemma

As Rangers manager Ron Washington used to say following a tough loss, "that's the way baseball go!"  Don't be surprised if P.M. Theresa May has a similar reaction.  Two months ago, P.M. May looked like a winner when she called for elections.  It does not look so smart today, as we see in the results: 48% of the vote, but only 316 seats, or short of the majority she was seeking.  The left got 41% and 261 seats.  In other words, P.M. May, or whoever takes over, will have to form some kind of coalition government.  Before CNN or others in the U.S. start reporting that this is an example of the British people doing in 2017 what Americans are going to do to Trump in 2018, let's consider a few facts: 1. The conservatives got 48% of the vote, or 7 points more than the left.  What exactly is the opposition's message?  I see a country rejecting the political class. 2. The...(Read Full Post)