Mother Jones vs. Dave Rubin

  Former TYT commentator Dave Rubin has been embroiled in a twitter feud with Mother Jones journalist Josh Harkinson following the release of Harkinson's exposé on crowd-funded far-right media. Dave Rubin identifies as a centrist liberal.  After leaving The Young Turks, he started an interview show called the Rubin Report, stylistically similar to a Charlie Rose- or Larry King-hosted interview show. In his article titled "Cashing in on the rise of the Alt-right," Harkinson attempted to chronicle the rise of far-right alternative media outlets.  Relying on crowd-funding rather than ad revenue, these new media outlets stake out positions farther to the right than traditional conservative outlets such as Fox News and National Review, according to Harkinson. Controversially, Harkinson listed Dave Rubin along with the likes of Charles Johnson and Baked Alaska as part of this new far-right media universe.  This irritated...(Read Full Post)