Illinois Dems submit another fantasy budget amid talk of federal bailout

Democrats in the Illinois House have introduced a budget outline as the clock ticks toward fiscal Armageddon for the state. The Dem budget left out just one tiny detail: they didn't include any specific proposals to pay for their $36.5-billion plan. But the Democratic legislature is expected to vote today on proposals by Republican governor Bruce Rauner that he insists must be passed before he entertains any plans by the Democrats.  They include pension and unemployment compensation reform and property tax relief. State Journal Register: The House Democratic spending proposal falls between the $36 billion budget outlined by Republicans and the $37.3 billion version passed by Senate Democrats but not taken up in the House. It is substantially less than the estimated $39 billion the state is spending now without a budget because of court orders and automatic payments required by law. "I'm not saying that this is perfect," Madigan said....(Read Full Post)