Hannity takes on CNN and targets corruption in the investigations of President Trump

Riding the crest of renewed ratings success, Fox News's prime-time host Sean Hannity is ratcheting up his strong defense of the Trump administration in the face of continuing Deep State sabotage, multiple investigations, and unprecedented attacks by the mainstream media.  He is also keeping up the pressure on rival channel CNN in the wake of recent reports of scandals rocking the original cable news network. Hannity's program on Wednesday night (10-11 P.M. E.T.) was an example of the latest salvo in his nightly information-packed deconstruction of unfair charges against President Trump, along with breaking news about where the various investigations targeting Trump might go next.  (Hint: Hannity is predicting a boomerang effect in which the target might be deflected 180 degrees away from President Trump and back at the original anti-Trump attackers.) On a typical night, Hannity's Fox News show consists of monologues by the host, compilations of video...(Read Full Post)