Americans bullied and deceived

One of the most effective and insidiously deceptive tricks of the American left is to brand anyone who disagrees with their anti-God agenda a "hater."  Who wants to be humiliated with an H branded on his forehead?  Bullied into submission, many Americans have abandoned speaking truth, betrayed their faith, rejected science, and thrown common sense out the window. For example: Instinctively, we know and science confirms that it is best for children to have a mom and dad.  And yet leftists say homosexual couples make better parents.  In other words, leftists say God is an unsophisticated idiot whose design for family is wrong.  Think about that, folks.  If anyone dares say in the public arena that it is best for kids to have a mom and dad, the full weight of the American left will be launched to silence and punish him.  While portraying themselves as victims, the dirty little secret is that We the People are the ones bullied by...(Read Full Post)