Venezuela's Chavista thugs get a 'stern warning' from the EU

The drug lords, street thugs, and Mugabe wannabes running Venezuela these days are trembling in their boots this morning.  Seems the European Union has issued a Stern Warning to them about violence against protesters.  This being the E.U., I will have to clarify: the E.U. is against it. That'll fix 'er.  Which brutal dictatorship doesn't listen eagerly and take heed dutifully when the august bodies of the European Union issue their pronunciamientos? EU foreign ministers said in a statement Monday that "violence and the use of force will not resolve the crisis in the country." They said people's rights "must be respected, including the right to peacefully demonstrate. It is crucial that all parties refrain from violent acts." The ministers, meeting in Brussels, said that the EU "is fully committed to helping Venezuela find peaceful and democratic solutions and is ready to use all its possible...(Read Full Post)