Obama's syrupy last-ditch bid to save his legacy

Apparently, President Obama's bid to scare Republicans into not repealing the much detested Obamacare by warning of electoral consequences didn't have much effect.  Always putting politics first, Obama early on told Republicans they'd regret getting rid of his health care reform.  That would be the same reform that has thrown millions of Americans out of the health insurance market, reduced choice to nearly zero, instituted sky-high premiums, and saddled consumers with double-digit rate hikes and mortgage-sized deductibles.  Reince Priebus has attempted to point out that it's not Republicans who are having trouble holding office these days, but to no avail.  Just a few days ago, Obama's buddies in the Democratic Party chanted, "Hey, Hey, Goodbye" when Republicans attempted to repeal the nightmare.  With that a wash, Obama's now trying a new tack, lugubriously appealing to moral sensibilities to preserve the hated...(Read Full Post)