Homophobic Steve Colbert should be fired

Trump Derangement Syndrome has a new poster child by the name of late-night, er, "comedian" Stephen Colbert, who, on Monday night, acting on his belief that the Russians conspired with Donald Trump to keep Hillary from campaigning in Wisconsin, engaged in the mother of all anti-Trump rants. As Roger Simon at PJ Media noted: Since his inauguration, and to a great extent before, the whole country has gone more or less berserk. Just the other night, comedian Stephen Colbert, in what I presume we were supposed to take as an edgy witticism, accused our president of fellating Russia's Vladimir Putin. Although I recall many bad things being said about LBJ back in the day (Barbara Garson wrote a play comparing him to Macbeth, and who can forget "Hey, hey, LBJ, how many kids did you kill today?"), nothing approached Colbert's angry joke in terms of pure unmitigated hostile vulgarity, not on late-night TV anyway. Liberal...(Read Full Post)