The sickening violence at Venezuela's Mother of all Marches

The socialist failures of Chavista Venezuela are well worth noting, given their hugeness and their totality. But there's something deeply disturbing about the small, individual, personal horrors that cannot but draw one's attention, because they shock the conscience. At the Mother of all Marches, held in 12 or 13 cities across Venezuela, the Chavistas did what they always do: they sent in some motorcycle goons to casually fire a weapon at the crowd, killing one or two members, in a calculated move to scare the others off.  Nobody ever gets punished for these state-sponsored murders.  The Chavistas attribute them to random street violence and over-excited passions of mobs, the same way Susan Rice and her little pawn Ben Rhodes once attributed the calculated murder of a U.S. ambassador in Benghazi, Libya to a mob incited by a video. The Chavistas did it in 2003, they did it in 2012, they did it in 2014, and they did it now.  This...(Read Full Post)