Syria's aftermath: The new Trump factor

Donald Trump's Syria strike wasn't a big military move, didn't put troops on the ground, didn't fix anything in Syria's horrific civil war.  As Andrew Malcolm writes: After the Sarin gas attack with photos of babies gasping for air, Trump acted swiftly and decisively. But not as critics fretted last year, wildly. He could have attacked all six Syrian airfields. He could have ordered Special Forces to simultaneously move in eastern Syria. Instead, Trump targeted only the specific airfield that launched the gas attack. It was a measured response. No new ground troops. Not even pilots risking capture. U.S. missiles were programmed to ignore structures storing gas components, and barracks housing several hundred Russians. In fact, U.S. officers gave them an hour's notice to get out of the way, one reason Moscow's subsequent denunciation was measured. The logic of it was powerful enough, in Trump's own words: "It is in the...(Read Full Post)