Since when did people start going to college to get stupid?

 Good question.  Amazingly, it was a line in a new network television program, Chicago Justice, another in the long list of Dick Wolf-produced crime-legal shows.  Carl Weathers of Rocky fame speaks the line; he plays the district attorney of Chicago.  It was shocking to hear the question uttered in a prime-time drama.  Of course there was a murder in this television episode, and the murderer turned out to be a young girl besotted with her radical leftist, anti-gun professor.  Her victim?  A pro-gun conservative on their campus. Real life these days is stranger than fiction.  Even Orwell could not have imagined how far we have surpassed all he imagined in 1984 – especially on college campuses.  Higher education in America has been utterly destroyed by the left since the tenured radicals of the 1960s took control of it.  Now our campuses are virtually totalitarian in nature.  Stanford just admitted an applicant who is not...(Read Full Post)