She's always true to the Democrats in her fashion

It seems that everything in the Washington Post is designed to advance Democrats and deride and embarrass their opponents.  The nastiest examples of these are the work of Robin Givhan, the paper's fashion editor.  Her cruelty and bias have been evident for years.  If the Pulitzer Prizes had any shame, they'd blush at having given her an award in 2006 for "witty, closely observed essays that transform fashion criticism into cultural criticism." Yes, on notable rare occasions, she pokes fun at Democrats, as she did in a 2007 piece mocking a V-shaped neckline Hillary wore.  On the other hand, she absolutely gushed over the outfits worn by Michelle Obama, but for a memorable dig when Michelle stepped off a plane wearing shorts and looking very messy. When some fashion designers said they'd refuse to dress Melania Trump, she rushed to their defense: Critics of those designers who've voiced their...(Read Full Post)