Georgia 6th: Amy Kremer shades of Trump

Among the horde of Republicans running in the Georgia 6th special election, Amy Kremer is by far the true conservative We the People candidate.  Through grassroots and the Tea Party, Amy worked her way to national relevance and influence.  Amy played a powerful role in electing Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, Allen West, and other faithful conservatives. Despite her impressive résumé, Amy lacks a political establishment pedigree.  Like Trump, Amy is considered an outsider, not willing to play "sell out the voters" ball with the big guys.  Consequently, Amy's campaign has been undermined. Folks, I have been an activist in the Tea Party movement from its beginning.  After Rick Santelli's 2009 rant leading to the Tea Party insurrection, Amy Kremer was a mom who helped to plan hundreds of April 15 Tea Party rallies. It was an exciting time – an amazing grassroots spontaneous phenomenon.  Huge crowds...(Read Full Post)