Cyber-thugs blow out access to Venezuelan oil data at Johns Hopkins

What happens when you dig a little too deeply into Venezuelan state oil company data posted online? A Johns Hopkins University professor found that Venezuela's ruling Chavistas really, really don't want anyone with knowledge of economics doing that. On Thursday, they dispatched a cyber-thug team to deny access to the PDVSA state oil company website to all of Johns Hopkins University's computers, after Steve Hanke, a professor of applied economics there, wrote extensively about the country's failing currency and its economic mismanagement at PDVSA.  Hanke told American Thinker in a phone conversation that his academic assistant had been burrowing through the muddy and obscure details of PDVSA's financials for hours recently.  For him, the ACCESS DENIED code to the page came with a rider not seen on the rest of the university's blocked-off computers: REPEAT OFFENDER. See a screenshot of the episode here (and a photo at the...(Read Full Post)