Abortion and sanctuary cities

Abortion can now be stopped in states that no longer want it to take place.  The way for doing it is simple, and we have our liberal-left friends to thank.  Many sanctuary cities and states have shown us the way.  Sanctuary cites simply refuse to obey immigration law and will not turn over apprehended illegal aliens to ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement).  They don't like the law, so they ignore it in order to protect illegals from being deported. Any state that has a conservative governor and legislature should just declare itself a sanctuary state for the protection of the unborn.  No abortion would be allowed.  It only makes sense that if a sanctuary city or state can choose the immigration law to ignore and expect no repercussions, a state can be a sanctuary state for the unborn and ignore the prevention of an abortion as being illegal.  This state actually has more solid ground to stand on when logic is applied. The...(Read Full Post)