Was this supposed to be funny?

This week, there was a tremendous amount of commentary and angst around a bit on the television show Full Frontal, with Samantha Bee making fun of a young man who attended CPAC.  The video segment mocked Kyle Coddington for his haircut, comparing the style to that of a Nazi. Soon after finding out that the young man has stage 4 brain cancer and the haircut is related to his treatment, the show issued the following apology: "We deeply apologize for offending @ that Kyle in our CPAC segment. We only learned of his condition today and have removed him from the piece." In a press release following the Full Frontal apology, Mr. Coddington stated: I have been hesitant of supporting Donald Trump from Day 1, and was openly "Never Trump" through the entirety of the 2016 election cycle. Another fact is that I am a registered Democrat. These facts disprove the narrative trying to be pushed by Samantha Bee's segment. Now,...(Read Full Post)