Trump supporters attacked in Berkeley by Black Bloc demonstrators

Brave Trump supporters gathered in Berkeley’s civic center, and were attacked by leftists, including masked Black Bloc supporters, who claim “antifa” (“anti-fascism”) as justification for violence against their political opponents. Local coverage in the San Francisco Bay Area, as expected, used words that implied that responsibility for the violence was shared: “Violence erupts at pro-Trump rally in Berkeley” (San Francisco Chronicle) “A violent clash erupted Saturday in Berkeley as pro-Donald Trump supporters fought with anti-Trump protesters during a heated demonstration” (KTVU Fox 2) But the pictures in the media belie this claim.  For instance, Noah Berger of the San Francisco Chronicle captured Black Bloc demonstrators kicking a Trump supporter The most complete photo coverage comes from local website Berkeleyside, which honestly admitted: Some individuals from both sides were aggressive and...(Read Full Post)