Ryancare: Death panels are still in the bill

I have loudly insisted about Obamacare in the past that "death panels are in the bill."  Besides being a runaway cost extravaganza, the chief problem of Obamacare is that it kills people on purpose.  And that has historically animated the social conservative opposition to the labyrinth. The central question about repeal, then, remains: will the doctor be allowed to kill you now?  In all the fight about money, life matters more. History recalls that the Nazis began the killing with doctors, and we must be vigilant to oppose the growth of such malignancy.  Government-motivated killing is always a danger when powerful oligarchs view you simply as a cost-benefit number in a spreadsheet.  Nazi accounting was a question of mass production, and that spawned the concentration camps, when the killing exceeded capacities of the hospitals.  Conservatives must remember history and fight its repetition in the present....(Read Full Post)