Three cheers for Ivanka

I don't want to shake the hand of anyone who refuses to buy Ivanka Trump's brand.  I feel he  wouldn't understand that a handshake is a handshake, and he might blame my hand for the fraying of the cuff, the irritation of the cufflink, or the location of the stars in the heavens. Blame is a spiteful thing.  To blame Ivanka's clothes for her father's politics is to read the text of the world backwards and find destiny in prejudice. Ivanka's perfume is still the best selling on Amazon.  That just shows that politically driven liberals are weak and can't ruin what they erroneously want to ruin.  Thus, they couldn't get that dishonest, self-centered, catty Hillary elected as president. The way to stop progressives is to stop them at their own bigoted game.  Liberals pretend they are anti-materialistic, but it is all about money and twisted principles. Not to buy Ivanka's products because she is a Trump shows a...(Read Full Post)