Terrorist-tied co-chairman of Women’s March relies on the stupidity of liberal American females to push sharia

Linda Sarsour, the radical Muslim activist who helped organize the national Woman's March this past Saturday, is a "nasty" interloper hoping to spread the oppression of sharia law to American women.  In her speech, she told the crowd that Muslims have been victimized and are suffering under American government oppression. How mind-bendingly ludicrous.  Logically, Sarsour should be there to criticize Islam, which treats girls and women as non-human slaves with absolutely no rights.  Instead, her speech was anti-American, anti-Trump, and anti-Israel, which, I suspect, was the whole agenda behind the well organized, well funded marches across the country. Sarsour, the executive director of the Arab American Association of New York (AAANY), set up shop selling the myth of Islamophobia soon after 9/11.  She is a hijab-wearing pro-Hamas Islamic supremacist with an in-your-face attitude.  In 2004, she admitted in a...(Read Full Post)