Who gets the credit for Trump's victory? The Tea Party.

There have been many excellent post-election analyses since Trump's improbable win, most of have which have identified the disaffected working class and the failure of the Democrats' politically correct identity politics as the driving factors.  But one thing that seems to be overlooked is the Tea Party, the reasons for its beginnings, and its underlying anti-establismentarianism in this election. It was not just the failure of the Democrats' urban-centric political focus on minorities, women, and income inequality that deep-sixed Hillary Clinton's campaign.  Walking it back, what has outraged so many grassroots conservatives was the phony conservatism under George W. Bush, culminating in the financial crisis of 2008.  It pushed them overboard to no longer get fooled by the Republican establishment that had been basically a milder form of the big-government progressivism that had taken over the Democratic Party following the loss of...(Read Full Post)