Trump’s prosecutorial agenda

Autocratic socialist regimes around the world routinely use the courts to attack their opponents and punish their opponent's supporters.  Unfortunately, this is not uncommon even here in the U.S.  In my own state of Texas, the state is pretty conservative, but the capital city of Austin is very liberal.  As a result, we too often see a liberal Austin-based prosecutor bringing dubious charges against conservative Texas politicians. This is a very bad practice that has no place in a democracy.  It should be rooted out and ruthlessly eliminated.  I would even be willing to forgo prosecution of obvious crimes in some cases to avoid the appearance or reality of turning the criminal courts into political attack machines. If President Obama does not Pardon Hillary Clinton, if I were Donald Trump, I would discourage my attorney general from prosecuting her, both for the email scandal and the Clinton Foundation scandal she was probably trying to hide. The...(Read Full Post)