Is it time to revisit the Electoral College?

Let me be clear. I am not suggesting that we delete the Electoral College. I do not like direct popular vote elections because of the potential for vote fraud.    At the same time, we should change how the candidates win the "EV" at every state.      At the moment, you win California and you get 55 votes, even if you win the state with the plurality of the vote as Mr. Clinton did in 1992! Or you get all of Texas' 38 votes even if you get 41% of the vote as Mr. Bush in Texas in 1992!    So how about changing the calculation? The winner of the state gets  EV's immediately and the congressional districts that he or she carried. It makes more sense because it is closer to how people actually voted. A few years ago, Aaron Bycoffe and Andrei Scheinkman reported on such idea brewing in GOP circles: Republicans have a new strategy for 2016: Change the rules of presidential elections in order to...(Read Full Post)