An Iranian proverb: When Trump gets elected, the cows butt heads in Tehran

Early hours of Wednesday, November 8. The sun has just started shining on the Gulf.  It is early morning in Tehran and other parts of Iran, but it is Tuesday evening across the United States.  The American people, as well as other nations, are still waiting for the news media to introduce the next occupant of the White house.  Whether the next U.S. president is he or she is yet a guess. In Iran, however, a smiling picture of Hillary Clinton appears on some of the capital's morning newspapers, reporting that she has become the first female president of the United States.  It seems that her presidency lasts for only a few hours – as soon as the results come out, these papers are collected from stalls to be substituted with a new edition, this time with a smiley picture of Donald Trump. Is it a mistake?  A tragedy, or even a joke?  Or maybe all of them?  Nobody knows, but it is the reality of Iran's political life.  Just like...(Read Full Post)