When Hillary went low, Michelle joined her

The vast left-wing conspiracy that is the Democratic Party is panicking, as some polls show the presidential race tightening even before the latest revelations of the continuing FBI probe of Hillary's unsecured, private, unannounced server.  And so one of its many alt divisions, the ladies' auxiliary, quickly mobilized, sending Michelle Obama to a Hillary Clinton rally in North Carolina on Wednesday – their first joint appearance.    Forget that nasty business of eight years ago, when the person who wanted to be the first black president went up against the person who wanted to be the first female president.  In the process, each said some really unpleasant things about the other; leaked, but denied doing so; spread negative rumors about their opponent; and engaged in other vicious campaigning.  After Obama won, he appointed his former rival as secretary of state, her only qualification being her marriage to a former president, which she rode...(Read Full Post)