The world was wrong about Obama

The world is so desirous of proving it is not prejudiced that 49 percent of the people applauded the election of Obama. I train in an international boxing gym – Gleason's.  All the foreigners felt that Obama' s election would improve the world. Eight years later, we have violent racial divisiveness like the '60s.  We are at war with Islam even though Obama won't admit it.  We are twenty trillion dollars in debt and have more poverty than ever.  Our internal violence has gone up in places like Ferguson and Baltimore.  Obamacare is falling apart.  Now those injured in racial violence won't have good coverage. Why would we ever have listened to liberal and European countries?  We have failed America and failed women like Kate Steinle, who is dead because of an illegal immigrant. Put one of Obama's optimistic speeches against Kate's body.  Tell the beheaded that ISIS is just the J.V. The world is...(Read Full Post)