Queen of Sleaze

Hillary and Bill are the queen and king of sleaze.  Rape, self-exposure, imposed fondling, multiple counts of adultery, and oral sex are all in the Bill Clinton arsenal of prurient and illegal sexual behaviors.  He is a proven perjurer, having lied in a deposition to a federal judge.  Bill has been disbarred and signed a confession of guilt, which, as part of that confession, he is not legally allowed to recant. And what has Hillary’s role been throughout?  She said at one point that she is “not a Tammy Wynette type” who is “standing by her man,” meaning thereby the long-suffering and afflicted wife.  No.  Her role has been an aggressive defense of Bill’s philandering, his adultery.  She has referred to the many accusations as a “vast right-wing conspiracy” and as “bimbo eruptions.”  She threatened one of Bill’s rape accusers, Juanita Broaddrick. Hillary certainly is not the...(Read Full Post)