DHS: 20 states voter registration systems experience 'probing' from hackers

A DHS official told Politico that the voter registration systems from 20 states have experienced intrusion attempts that they consider "probing of concern."  The revelation comes on the heels of warnings from DHS and other federal agencies that hackers may attempt to interfere in the November election. “It’s reached a threshold of some concern,” the official told POLITICO, cautioning that the majority of states were not experiencing successful intrusions. The federal government has focused more attention on state voting systems in the wake of confirmed digital intrusions into voter rolls in Arizona and Illinois. The FBI and DHS asked states to look for hacking attempts coming from the IP addresses linked to those intrusions. That filtering exposed the maelstrom of attacks on state election systems that officials are now trying to analyze. “It’s not to say that people weren’t constantly trying to probe all...(Read Full Post)
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