Chile goes right on the anniversary of Allende's election

Forty-six years ago, my father and a couple of friends from Chile were monitoring election reports from Chile on the Spanish short wave service of Voice of America.  As I recall, the election results went late into the evening and the next few days.  In the end, Salvador Allende was elected president in a four-way race.  Eventually, the Chilean Supreme Court had to decide because the winner was under 40%.   It did not take long for Mr. Allende to show his true colors.  Allende extended diplomatic recognition to North Vietnam, North Korea, and Cuba.  He also went after U.S. companies like ITT and Kennecott Copper.  It did not take long before Chile's very stable political system fell into a political and economic crisis.  Mr. Allende was eventually overthrown by General Pinochet in 1973. On Sunday, Chile went to the polls again, and the right did well in the regional elections, as reported by Reuters: Chile's...(Read Full Post)