Armed Forces officers punished while commanders in chief rewarded

While a commander in chief wannabe lies about her use of classified emails (among other vital national issues) that undoubtedly have compromised the safety of the United States but will nevertheless be rewarded professionally, financially, and personally, a Marine who sent a classified email through unclassified channels to warn a fellow Marine about danger is about to be forced from the Marines.  Although during his hearing he requested to be treated the same way as Hillary R. Clinton (D), the request was denied.   Sexism? Meanwhile, an officer in charge of the ship captured by our present commander in chief's best nation friend, Iran, has been punished: The officer in charge of a detachment of ten sailors who were captured by Iranians in January has been issued a punitive letter of reprimand for his role in the capture of the crews of the two boats, two defense officials confirmed to USNI News on Thursday. Lt. David Nartker was accused of violating...(Read Full Post)