Questions for Hillary’s (fantasy) press conference

Even progressives in the media are stifling amazement at the chutzpah of Hillary Clinton in refusing to allow open questioning by members of the media at a press conference. Anyone with common sense understands that this is a disqualifier for the presidency, and admission that her public façade cannot withstand the kind of scrutiny that allows follow-up questions. Veteran journalist Andrew Malcolm can spot a phony at a hundred yards. To paraphrase Ross Perot, he is doing the job American journalists refuse to do, and asking the questions that need to be addressed to Secretary Clinton in her news conference that’s not gonna happen. In other words, these are the questions that the American public has a right to expect answers on from Hillary. Take a hint, all you others: Shout these questions at her every time she pokes her head out of a fundraiser on the way her Secret Service caravan. Via Malcolm’s weekly column for McClatchy: ▪ Violently...(Read Full Post)