Is it too late for Trump to make inroads with Hispanics?

You should never say never in politics which is why Donald Trump may be softening his position on illegal aliens. In a bid to win back at least some Hispanic voters, Trump said at a meeting of his Hispanic Advisory Council that he would have a plan this week on how to deal with illegal aliens in the US beyond deportation.  NBC News: Three of the Hispanics who are part of Trump's Hispanic Advisory Council spoke with NBC Latino after the meeting. Each spoke of an "open-minded" Trump who asked for their ideas on how to address the estimated 11 million people in the country without legal status. Trump is to hold a news conference and rally in Colorado next Thursday and they said they expect details will come then. RELATED: Republican Latinos in Swing-State Florida Publicly Support Trump "I think on Thursday we are going to have a plan that every Latino Democratic or Republican can be proud of as a very realistic, compassionate way of...(Read Full Post)