An example of micro-aggression by the Post Office

In the neighborhood I live in, the mailboxes are on posts on the street, with eight houses per box.  This makes life easier for mail carriers and harder for us since we, not they, have to go out in rain, heat, and gloom of night.  They can stay in their cars and simply open the mailboxes from the street side. However, since the space by the mailbox is a legal parking space, occasionally the mail carrier actually has to exit his vehicle and walk two or three feet to deliver the mail. For 30 years that has not been a problem.  However, now we’ve been informed by someone that in fact it’s inhumane to ask our mail carrier to exit his vehicle to deliver mail. The message is clearly by some neighbor, but note that the comments are by the mail carrier.  That means the mail carrier was at the mailbox and could make notes on the post but couldn’t bother to deliver the mail. I tried to call the Post Office because I found it...(Read Full Post)