Why are we blaming Putin for being Putin?

The latest distraction from the Democrats who wrote about their "taco bowl" outreach is to blame Putin for hacking the DNC emails. Without question, Putin is a jerk and looking out for himself or Russia.  Like any other adversary, he is spying, or hacking on the U.S. It probably didn't help when we conveyed weakness by allowing Russian MiGs to fly over our aircraft carriers.  In other words, bullies like Putin learn early that there are no consequences to their thuggish behavior. As Scott Shackford wrote: Putin may or may not have played some role in the hacking of the DNC, and certainly it's proper that the government investigate and track down who is responsible.  But neither Putin nor Russian hackers are responsible for the way the party treated Sanders and its supporters.  And this attempt to quickly deflect the subject matter over to Trump and Putin has the side effect (intentional or not) of again dismissively...(Read Full Post)