The House that Liberalism Built

Liberalism has evolved to the point where it now dominates virtually every segment of American society: media, academia, entertainment and now even religion and corporate America. The Protestant Church has basically become a wing of the Democratic Party and that stalwart of biblical orthodoxy and tradition, the Catholic Church, is now being sucked into the vortex of liberal culture by many of the recent pronouncements of Pope Francis. Tech giants Google, Facebook, Apple and Amazon and all of the other companies of Silicon Valley are populated by liberals. Starbucks and Target have recently professed their love for all things liberal.   So with American society infiltrated and taken over by Progressivism in every possible nook and cranny, how is that we continue to experience the racial divisions that have exploded during the Obama administration? Does anyone out there find it absolutely bizarre that we have the first black president in history and race relations have never...(Read Full Post)