PC and 'taco bowl outreach'

Once upon in a time, no one in the U.S. would have gotten all worked up about reading that a DNC staffer had referred to the Hispanic effort as "taco bowl outreach." Most people would have filed those remarks under the "silly" file or just a couple of staffers trying to be funny or whatever.  No one would have concluded that there was a racial connotation to any of this.     Furthermore, no one would have been outraged at Mr. Trump eating a taco salad on "Cinco de Mayo."     Or thought Speaker Ryan was making a demographic statement with a selfie surrounded by interns. Unfortunately, we are now reaping the world that the left and P.C. have created.  It is a messy world, not a better one.      Not long ago, I read an article by comedian John Cleese about how P.C. is killing comedy: Monty Python member John Cleese has become the latest comedy legend to wade into the...(Read Full Post)