Obama's pledge to take in refugees stands despite German terror attacks

President Obama's decision to increase the number of Syrian refugees the U.S. will take in this year is unaffected by the terror attacks in Germany carried out by three refugees, the White House says. Washington Examiner: The 10,000 Syrian refugees the president wants to admit by October are subjected to more thorough screening and vetting than anyone trying to enter the United States, White House spokesman Josh Earnest stressed Monday. "That's why the president has confidence ramping up the number of refugees admitted to the United States," Earnest told reporters during his daily briefing. "Obviously, almost all of them are innocent people fleeing violence in their own countries — some of them are innocents fleeing genocide. "The president feels like the U.S. has a responsibility to do our part to try to provide relief for people fleeing that type of violence," he said. Stressing that Obama's top priority is the safety and...(Read Full Post)