It was a heck of an indictment until he got to the indictment part

On Tuesday, I listened to FBI director James Comey on the radio.  They broke with the flash that Director Comey would address the media, and I did not want to miss it.  I even waited for him to finish before going into my appointment.  (I was early, so I had the luxury of 10 minutes.)     My initial reaction to the director's words was to say to myself: "She's in bigger trouble than I thought..." Then came the finish, and I got mad.  Yes, I am angry, because the country deserves better.  I found this editorial at the Wall Street Journal just right: So there it is in the political raw: One standard exists for a Democratic candidate for President and another for the hoi polloi.  We’re not sure if Mr. Comey, the erstwhile Eliot Ness, intended to be so obvious, but what a depressing moment this is for the American rule of law.  No wonder so many voters think Washington is rigged for the powerful. No...(Read Full Post)