Hillary’s Philly speech agenda

Her rigged race against Bernie told us little about her plans for America. The themes of this Democrat convention include unity, children, women, family, racial, gender, with accompanying appeals for justice and human rights for the various and sundry aggrieved groups. Consequently, the exercise has been a whiplash combination of appeals for unity with an emphasis on diversity.  Love everyone, but not Republicans.  They’re bad.    All the while, the search for unity within the Democratic Party has been the consistent backstory.  Only time will tell if Bernie’s appeal for unity persuaded his legions to back her through November.  In the short run, Hillary’s acceptance speech should give us clues as to the style of campaign she’ll run against Trump.  With the assistance of media allies who helped her parry Bernie’s unanticipated strength, she’ll cast Trump as a dark, evil, divisive, arrogant...(Read Full Post)