Obama an unindicted co-conspirator in Clinton email felonies?

President Obama has made it official, endorsing Hillary Clinton for president.  If elected, she will serve her first term and his third, starting in January 2017 – that is, unless Hillary makes a different kind of history and president Obama is forced to pardon her after a possible and increasingly likely criminal referral by the FBI.  There is another wrinkle.  In a video of a Fox News interview, posted by Rick Wells on his website, ConstitutionRising.com, Fox News contributor Judge Andrew Napolitano tells host Steve Doocy that President Obama may be criminally liable as well: Now that he's formally endorsed his corrupt former Secretary of State for Criminal-in-Chief, the concerns expressed in this video by Judge Andrew Napolitano become even more real. Napolitano is concerned about the pressure that the endorsement puts on both FBI Director Comey and Attorney General Loretta Lynch to do the "Obama shuffle" and fail to pursue the criminal Mrs....(Read Full Post)