Let's help Ted cruise to victory in Indiana Tuesday

Don't you just hate early-morning phone calls from family?  Our Conservative Campaign Committee team is in Indiana, campaigning for Ted Cruz.  When I returned to our hotel room after picking up breakfast for my wife Mary, she said my dad called my phone two times.  He is 87 and still preaches the second Sunday of every month.  Upon returning his call, Dad wanted me to send him lyrics to a song I used to sing.  He wanted to use them in a sermon. Just ordinary people, God uses ordinary people. ... God uses people who will give Him all. It doesn't matter how small your all might seem to you because little becomes much when you place it in the Master's Hands. The song lyrics also mentions the little boy who offered his lunch of fish and bread to Jesus, which He blessed and multiplied to feed five thousand people. Folks, these lyrics are extremely appropriate for the situation in which we Cruz supporters find ourselves in these final hours...(Read Full Post)